References against algae

Fishkeeping, Hotpot, Child paddling pool, Whirlpool, Ornamental fountains

Our Aqua+ customers

Biotope, Gardent ponds, Swimming ponds, Swimming-Pools, Small lakes

Our AquaNet, PoolSonic, AquaSonic customers


Bigger Objects


Hot House, Plant cultivation

Our AquaNet, BioSonic, AquaSonic customers


Boats, Yachts, Ship careen and trunk

Our BoatSonic Customer

  • Mr. Stamm, Zürich (CH)


Industry, Cooling Towers

Legionellen free in the Industry of cooling circuits with Aquasonic NT2

Water procesessing, Water Treatment

Free from Algae at  South East Water Holding 

Water treatmnet "La Espanya Industrial" city of Barcelona

  • South East Water Holding, GB
  • Dover Disctrict, GB

Scientific Studies

pdf Scientific References 55,73 Kb
pdf Sarah Clarke Aquatic Scientist APEM - EN 621,43 Kb

pdf Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen 375,61 Kb

pdf Hampton Report DE Zusammenfassung 49,99 Kb

pdf Hampton Report EN 344,83 Kb


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