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Algae in swimming pond, bath tub or swimming pool do not only mean an aesthetical problem – already this can literally irritate someone - but it also means a health threat. Keyword: Pathogen! 

The PoolSonic can effectively fight against all the algae types and pathogen. Similarly the reproduction of pathogens can be prevented effectively. The effect is immediate; plankton algae die immediately after 2-3 days, thread algae after 3-4 weeks. 

Swimming pond with Ultrasound and the formerly untreated swimming pond


Swimming pond with Ultrasound and the former untreated swimming pond
The ecological ultrasonic technique for swimming ponds requires only 15 to 30 Watt power depending on the model. Environmentally conscious and without any great technique, the algae problem can be brought completely naturally under control i.e. without the addition of chemical agent or without any bio-agent. The naturally considerate water treatment increases the satisfaction of the swimming pond owner substantially.

The position and the distribution of signal play an important role even at the time of planning of new swimming pond or at time of renovation of existing swimming pond.  Algenfrei offers free of charge consulting as well as analysis for the optimum positioning and use of the ultrasonic devices. 

Schwimmteich PoolSonic
Swimming pond Poolsonic
Schwimmteich m. Ultraschall
Swimming pond with ultrasound
Algenfreie Betonw├Ąnde
Algae free cement walls

Swimming pools enhance bathing fun - no red-eyes, no skin irritation, no bad smell. And you also save money; the chlorine supply can be reduced to 1/3rd of the past value. 

Ungetrübte Badefreuden
Unspoilt joy of Bathing

In future, you no longer need the poison of algae, no or lesser agents for controlling the ph-value and the usage of chlorine can now be reduced to two-thirds (you bathing textiles would now thank you). The reduction of chemicals is naturally not only a financial relief it also contributes to environmental protection, an advantage to your health – the chemicals against algae and germs are not beneficial for humans.  
A technician is not required for installation; the installation is a piece of cake with the help of user manual. Once in use, the device does not require maintenance at all. 
Also, there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of a health danger.


The strength and the frequency of the ultrasonic waves are completely harmless for humans as well as for animals and plants.
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