Ponds and biotopes
The treatment with ultrasound waves is surly the appropriate solution for all those that don’t want to eradicate algae manually or don’t want to pour novice chemicals in the water. Several devices and placement variations stay at your disposition to suit the size and form of your pond.

Aqua+(plus)AquaNet , PoolSonic and AquaSonic with an action ratio from 3,5 till 150 m.
koi-teich-algenfreiThe effect is within days noticeable, the water gets clear. Existing swimming algae die within less days and also the extremely imperishable filamentous algae are destroyed after some weeks.


Intensity and frequency of the ultrasound waves are totally harmless for humans, animals and plants.


These ultrasound waves from 25-55 kHz are inaudible for fishes. Most fishes hear in a rage from 400-800 Hz. Further information >>
pdf Audible range of fishes.

Ultrasound waves cannot only be used in decorational ponds, but also in lakes fishponds, pools and biotopes. Fish are harmed by the excessive presence of algae. Oxygen levels are decreased, ph-values altered and gas bubbles may settle in fish gills causing inflammation and make them vulnerable to catch infections.


Koi Teich mit Ultraschall
Koi pond algae free
Koi Teich Fadenalgen
Koi pond with filament algae
Detailed reference
Detailed reference 



Several references "Algae free":

Naturteich mit dem AquaNet
Natural pond with AquaNet
40m Wassergarten
Water garten
Schwimmteich PoolSonic
Swimming pond algae free

Further information:


The installation of the equipment doesn’t require a specialist aid. It’s very easy with the users guided help and it doesn’t require any maintenance once installed.


>> Further references

Vorher mit Fadenalgen übersäht
Small lake covered with filament algea. An AquaSonic was installed in autumn. 


Nachher, sauberes, klares Wasser.
In spring only clear water remains!


Out of experience, the treatment of large water surfaces takes up to 3 months, till all of the algae have gone.

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