Thread algae in pond


Fadenalgen im Teich
Thread, string algae
Thread algae is a big nuisance in the pond, garden pond, swimming pond, Koi pond. The ugly sight makes it a big nuisance, problem for pond owners who enjoy having a cultivated pond.

Where do the thread algae come from?
There are thread algae in a hundred thousand different kinds and belong to the oldest plants of the earth. Thread algae are capable of adaptation and can get used to chemical poisons, so that the resistance increases with the frequency of the application.

Causes of thread algae:

  • the very hard water which can strongly contribute to the formation
  • Nitrates as an energy source for thread algae
  • Nutrient surplus in the pond: a reduction in the nutrient content so that the algae do not receive any food
  • A pond with biological dirt or mud. Turning it up by fish leads to the fact that the "fertilizer" is activated and favors the development of the thread algae.
  • The fish food, Koi fodder as an energy source for thread algae
  • With clear water and the intense solar radiation the photosynthesis is strengthened and the thread algae formation is strengthened

How can I get rid of the thread algae?

  • With the help of ultrasound against algae: the ultrasonic device sends ultrasonic waves in the water. The ultrasonic generator generates „loud music“ in the ultrasonic area (30-50,000 hertz), which is inaudible in the water for human beings and animals. The vacuum in the middle of the alga cell is torn by the resonance oscillations and the existing algae die out.
  • Take away the nutrients in the peripheral zones, regeneration zones.
  • Remove the biological dirt and mud from the pond.
  • Reduce the nutrient amount with a reed basin water plants growing in large-scale.

The following plants and reed types take away many nutrients:

  • Compact rush - Cortaderia selloane – up to 2-m height
  • Reed - Phragmites australis - up to 4 ms high
  • Wide-leaf reed mace - Typha latifolia - up to 3 ms high
  • Sweet calamus - Acorus calmaus - up to 1.5-m height


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