Algenfrei Ultrasonic Service


A consultation as well as analysis for the optimum postionioning and use of ultrasonic device offers algae-free without any cost.

Please send us pictures along with data mentioned below about your water properties by email. Important instructions for the delivery through Email


Important Data:
  • Photos (Overall view and detailed view)
  • An outline of water properties
  • Length, Width, Depth
  • Obstacles (Stones, Plants, etc.)
  • Water inlets (from a stream or block)
  • Ground or fresch water supply in cubic liter per hour / day
  • Water circulation in cubic liter per hour / day
  • Filter system and other technical features
  • Water values (PH, total hardness, Carbon grade, Phosphate, Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate, Copper, Iron, Conductibility)


We maintain ultrasound measurements in water so as to provide water technology sevices in order to determine the optimum position. As well as Water tests which provide information about nutritive substances in water, in order to take the required measures.


Would you like to send us the data about your water properties by post?

Our address:  

Algenfrei Studer B2BC
Postfach 536

CH-6343 Rotkreuz



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