About the functioning

The algae-free-ultrasound device sends ultrasound waves in the pond, water basin or lake. By means of a Transducer (ultrasonic generator), a complicated ultrasonic wave pattern is generated, which damages the vacuum (Vacuole: a microscopic small vesicle, hollow cavity filled with different light-refractive contents in the middle of the alga cell). These resonance oscillations have an effect on the algae so that the vacuum, the membrane filled with cell sap inside the alga, tears. The existing algae die normally within 2-3 weeks, in case of thread algae, up to 4-6 weeks. If you have a lot of algae, in particular tough thread algae, then this lasts as per experience up to 8 weeks.

The ultrasound kills all kinds of algae like thread algae, mucus algae, brown algae, brush algae, beard algae, blue algae etc.

Then due to the methane gas present in the thread algae, they climb up to the water surface, where they can be then scooped out. When it showers, the methane gas reacts and the dead algae sink to the pond floor. Now the dead algae can be easily removed and the result is quickly visible.

All the other kinds of algae are decomposed into too tiny particles of 1-2 microns. Then theoretically they sink to the pond floor. Since most of the water bodies are, however, filtered fortunately, they then float freely in the water. When an UV C is connected to the filter system, these particles can be removed easily, the ultraviolet light burns them without remains.

Permanent application prevents the new formation of algae.

Trials have shown that the flora and fauna is not impaired. The ultrasound waves are completely harmless for human beings and animals, including fish. The desired water plants prosper substantially in a better way and the water becomes clearer.

Ultrasound and Biofilm: The biofilm is a thin mucus layer, in which micro-organisms (bacteria, algae, mushrooms) are embedded. These are often found on the walls and floor of ponds. A thin layer (10-20 microns) of biofilm can also be found on water. Bacteria, pathogenic germs and all causes for bacterial illness, which are present in biofilms, are very resistant to toxic materials like antibiotics and disinfectants. With the nutrients present in the biofilm, they increase very rapidly. With the help of ultrasound, this biofilm is removed, so that the causes for illness have a much lower chance of survival. In the same way the "slimy" layer disappears, which is why the device is very well suited for swimming pools.

Ultrasound and environment: The ultrasound devices are ecologically friendly and free of chemicals. The tones, which the device generates, are not audible for human beings and add no damages to animals, fish and plants. This was confirmed by different universities (among others, university of Ghent) after long and detailed experiments on ponds and aquariums (also applies to swimming pools).

Ultrasound waves : The ultrasoud waves are radiated by the Transducer (ultrasonic generator) over a radius of 180°. Placed at a favorable place in the edge area of the water body, the devices can produce sound waves, according to type, in a semicircle with a radius of up to 150 meters and can thus treat, according to device type, a water surface of up to 150 m around the device. The Transducer is placed at a favorable place in the edge area of the water body to produce sound waves in a possibly big water area.

Ultrasound waves and security: The security is the top priority, all ultrasound devices have two galvanic partitions. In the main transformer, which is sealed under vacuum and again in the Transducer transformer. Only one loudspeaker signal is sent to the ultrasonic generator (Transducer). All ultrasound devices conform to CE.


Anti-noise innovation: The sound waves sent out are reflected from the basin edge and come back. Reflected sound waves and those sent anew by the device meet each other and rise up. So that the devices function optimally, the algae- free devices send ultrasound waves in periodical intervals. Thus it is guaranteed that no anti-sound is generated.

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