Algae free ultrasonic - an effective click!


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Algae in water, ponds, swimming ponds, lakes and on ship hulls can become a huge problem. The problem of algae can be brought under control without the use of technology by the addition of chemicals and biological agents. The naturally protective water treatment enhances the well being considerably. 


G-Sonic 5 - SRW 5m
G-Sonic 5
G-Sonic 10 - SRW 10m
G-Sonic 10 - SRW 10m
G-Sonic 20 - SRW 20m
G-Sonic 20 - SRW 20m






Free of Algae through ultrasound clicks

Algal bloom in the spring season is a known problem. As soon as the first warm period starts after the winter, the algae start propagating themselvers very rapidly. The plants are no longer as strong as they are in summer to absorb the nutrients from water, because of algae formation in water. In spring, the pollen values increase and the pollen dust spreads very quickly. Pollen dust on water offers an ideal breeding ground for the algae, since it provides a lot of nutrients. The Ultrasound prevents the formation of algae up to 90% under normal conditions during the year and reduces the maintainance effort tremendously. 


The functioning is very simple. The Ultrasound-device sends out ultrasonic sound waves in water. The vacuoles rupture and the algae die of stress naturally. 


The ultrasonic transducer (underwater loudspeaker) generates a complex click sound, which damages the vacoules (a large hollow space filled with fluid, occupying about 90% of the volume of the algae). The algae die normally within 2-3 weeks, the thread algae take about 4-6 weeks to die. If you have a lot of algae, expecially thread algae, it takes up to 8 weeks according to experience.


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The strength and the frequency of the ultrasonic waves are completely harmless for humans as well as for animals and plants. 

The tones generated by the ultrasonic device (G-Sonic 5 , G-Sonic 10 , G-Sonic 20 , G-Sonic 50)
or the ultrasonic generator respectively cannot be heard by the humans and do hot damage animals, fishes and plants. Meanwhile, the ultrasonic devices are being used in thousands all over the world. The ultrasonic generator generates "loud music" in the ultrasonica range (25-50'000 Hz), which cannot be heard by humans and animals in water. The Vacuole in the middle of the algal cell ruptures because of the resonant vibrations and the remaining algae die out. The  ultrasound kills all kinds of algae, such as plankton algae, myco-algae, brown algae, brush algae, beard algae, blue algae and thread algae.


The main advantages of the "algae-free" ultrasonic devices are:

  • Enormous efficacy versus the existing and new algae
  • Algae and bio-film are removed almost completely
  • Very simple installation and handling
  • The devices are maintenance free with very long lifespan
  • Very environment-friendly: chemicals, biological agents are not used
  • Prevents the formation of new algae
  • The ultrasonic devices have a very low power consumption
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Ecologically and economically worthwhile investment


Algenfrei offers free of charge consulting as well as analysis for the optimum positioning and use of the ultrasonic devices (G-Sonic 5 , G-Sonic 10 , G-Sonic 20 , G-Sonic 50)>> Contact

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